Let Us Analyze Your Portfolio

Our Process:

  • By studying your current portfolio allocation, we analyze your allocation of stocks, bonds, and alternatives

  • Stress test your portfolio for a market downturn

  • Identify non-performing assets

  • Discover tax inefficiencies

  • Evaluate the all-in cost of your current portfolio

  • Provide you a detailed report highlighting the positives and identify areas for improvement

Invest the time to seek a Second Opinion with Nautilus Advisors

We find that many prospective clients haven't spoken with their advisor in a long time. Many also haven't performed a significant analysis on holdings and risks recently enough. Or, perhaps you are managing your own assets and value a deeply experienced sounding board to generate ideas in sectors or asset classes you don’t have the time to follow?

 A second opinion with our firm is an opportunity for you to see if your allocation amongst various accounts, including current and old 401k plans, is still relevant to your needs and situation.  

 A second opinion with our firm assigns a quantitative risk and return profile to your assets to see if the existing manager- whether it is you or your advisor- is performing in line, out-performing, or under-performing the benchmarks. Let us show you.

 We will perform a fair and un-biased data driven analysis and show you exactly where you stand. We will give you valuable insights into whether your portfolio is realizing its full potential. 

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