Time Tested Strategies for Successful Outcomes

As a boutique advisory firm, we are never one size fits all. 

We have found that our client relationships tend to be very long term and frequently multi-generational. Many of our clients have worked with us for 10 years or more.

As highly experienced advisors, we understand that markets can be challenging and that is when clients want to hear from us most.  So when we see the inevitable periods of increased volatility, we seek to be proactive in contacting clients.  As customized managers, we strive to be nimble and opportunistic. 

The Planning Process

The CFP Board Standards of Professional Conduct  define financial planning as “the process of determining whether and how an individual can meet life goals through the proper management of financial resources. Financial planning integrates the financial planning process with the financial planning subject areas.”. 

 There are six steps to the financial planning process.  We have found them to be a framework that generates successful client outcomes. 

 1) Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

Deliver a detailed introduction to our firm, our capabilities, and advisor background. 

Learn about the client and uncover any  financial concerns

2) Gathering client data including goals

Analyze existing assets and liabilities from financial statements. 

Satisfy fiduciary obligations to assess a clients financial and emotional ability to assume risk.

3) Analyzing and evaluating the client’s current financial status

Calculate long-term financial projections and identify any risks to meeting quantitative    goals

Evaluate disparities in financial needs with client risk tolerance.

4) Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives

Review projections and set risk and return expectations.  

Transition Analysis from current to proposed strategy. 

Review beneficiaries.


5) Review projections and set risk and return expectations.  

Transition Analysis from current to proposed strategy. Review beneficiaries.

6) Implementing the recommendations

 Portfolio construction is crafted with software and analytic tools that set us apart from even our largest competitors. 

We invest in these resources because there is no other way to optimize risk and return characteristics. 

We utilize the full range of investment options which differentiates us from both larger and smaller firms.

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