What is ESG?

E: Environmental policies to reduce the impact on the environment or companies whose main sources of revenue are from activities that help society reduce or improve environmental impact.

S: Social policies for employees and positive impacts on the communities that companies reside in such as health and wellness, pay, and managerial engagement with labor.

G: Governance policies for management, supply chain, and corporate oversight including gender diversity at the board level and executive pay.

Nautilus Advisors are passionate about dispelling the myth that when utilizing an ESG-based approach to investing you must compromise expected returns. Studies have shown that ESG policies can actually enhance financial outcomes, while protecting the bottom line from environmental and litigation risks.

As more and more global companies have come to embrace sustainable business models, we find that ESG practices also lead to reduced risk profiles. In fact, many large and notable institutions have adopted investment policies to exclusively invest their assets in ESG companies and strategies.

We believe retail investors and smaller institutions seeking to align their environmental and social values with their long term investment goals should have access to this approach as well.

As independent, fee-only advisors, we have access to the full spectrum of investment options, unconstrained by a limited menu of options that most large firms work from. Being fee-only advisors incentivizes Nautilus Advisors to always focus on risk-adjusted growth of client capital.

The Nautilus ESG process

As a boutique wealth manager, we are uniquely positioned to use customized approaches for every client.

As fiduciaries, we begin by determining financial goals, quantifying objectives, and investment preferences. Should these preferences include ESG investing, we collaboratively decide how much or little of the portfolio should be earmarked for this style.

We then seek to build wealth for our clients by allocating assets to companies and strategies that score highly in ESG criteria and exclude ones that score poorly.

We utilize a proprietary screening process to identify companies with favorable criteria and/or scores, while incorporating traditional fundamental screening criteria.

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