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Do you own mutual funds?
 Active management in mutual funds can be excellent tools when they have a consistent track record of outperforming their respective index or peer group.  They can also be beneficial when they have less correlation to indexes such as the S&P 500 in order to lower the risk profile of a portfolio.  At Nautilus Advisors, we frequently find that we can optimize client assets by using superior managers or by using different investment products entirely, such as individual securities or Exchange-traded funds or "ETFs".  When performing portfolio second opinions, we commonly find investors in low performing mutual funds due to neglect, high expenses and sales charges or "loads",  or serving other goals of the company who has chosen them on your behalf. At Nautilus, we don't have a "menu" that many financial advisors are constrained to in many large firms.  We are 100% fiduciaries, with no corporate agenda, and select products that serve one purpose:  as a tool to grow or protect your valuable capital. 
In addition to constant evaluation for risk and return metrics, we also have access to top mutual funds that are only available through independent investment managers like Nautilus Advisors. We can evaluate your portfolio for critical risk and return criteria.  If you have mutual funds, let us give you a second opinion.    


There is no greater example of investment products deserving of a second opinion than annuities.  There are highly specific times when annuities can be a useful investment tool, when implemented after a rigorous review of a clients financial picture and tolerance for risk.  However at Nautilus Advisors, we have been able to educate many investors about high, multi-layered costs that are often downplayed by advisors acting in a non-fiduciary capacity. Or that they might be paying significant expenses for living or death benefits that may no longer be appropriate for their investment needs.  Or that you can make changes to the underlying allocation to reduce risk, or make penalty-free withdrawals.  We have even found that many clients are unaware that their advisor may only have licenses that limit their investment recommendations to annuities or other high commission-based products.  We agree expenses are important, but perhaps more importantly, your annuities may no longer be serving your investment goals.  Let us help you with a complimentary review of your annuities to ensure that they still align with your financial plan.  As a 100% fiduciary firm, we never make commissions.  Therefore we can always be objective in any recommendation that involves the purchase or liquidation of an annuity.  If an annuity is the most appropriate tool for whatever reason, we have access to low-cost, surrender charge-free products for our clients designed for independent advisors.

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